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About Home Schooling

Taking control of our children's development ...

...probably one of the best things we can decide upon for our families

Christadelphian Home Schooling, UK

Home Schooling, and Home Educating, are the phrases used to describe the 150,000 families, or 560,000 children, in the UK (estimates from 2001), who have chosen to educate their children at home. Christadelphian Home Schooling is the small subset of this group who not only educate their children at home, but generally do so, with an emphasis based around Godís Word and a desire to nurture their children in Godís Ways.

Currently about 20 Christadelphian families in the UK home school. World-wide, there are hundreds of families Ėmany in North America and Australasia. Some European countries do not however allow this alternative.

The reasons and legalities surrounding home schooling are documented within this website.


Many methods of schooling exist. The state and private schools, based around a National Curriculum, and using classroom based methods, are simply only one method. With homeschooling, parents choose the method and curriculum which best suits their circumstances and their children.

Education is living. Children learn right throughout the day, not just during formalised teaching. The homeschooling environment has many advantages over the classroom.

Subjects we cover can be the same as those on the National Curriculum, but donít have to be. We can vary the material within each subject so that we cater for the individual development of our children, be they slow or fast learners, as well as crucially controlling the content. Evolution and humanism can be removed in their entirety. We donít have to teach that life happened by chance, nor teach our children that others claiming a different sexual orientation are acceptable.

A typical day in the life of home schooling probably doesnít exist. Some will have formal lessons from 9am until 12:30pm, followed by a wide variety of informal activities (projects, visits to libraries, visiting exhibitions, meeting up with others etc)

Take control

By being in control of our childrenís learning, we reap the rewards of being part of our childís developing years. Instead of giving up our children to the world at the precious age of four, we can be with them all the way Ėteaching, guiding, nurturing.

Controlling the learning gives us the advantage of avoiding all the damaging, counter productive, and blatantly ungodly brainwashing in evidence in todayís schools. We are freed from any pressure to teach or counter Evolution and Humanism, which have infiltrated most subjects.

Ultimately with home schooling, we can take control of our childrenís development. Rather than consign our precious little ones, who after all are Godís heritage, to the indoctrination of the world, we can give full meaning to the command to, "Bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord".

Christadelphian Home Schooling, UK